Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Just like Black Ops

Well, that’s that then – Bin Laden blasted in a scene out of Black Ops or so I’m told by the sweaty palmed teenboys. The world is doubtless a better place without the bearded bandit and his brand of the religion of peace but in my wet liberal teachery way I would much rather have seen him arguing his case in front of the judge. Ah well, bam bam splash and so ends the life of a creature partially of Uncle Sam’s making and it was fairly clean as these things go. That said it would be nice to see the denizens of the renegade Bush / Cheney gang being hauled up to answer for their own brand of terrorism and war crimes but that ain’t going to happen. Two sides of the same coin of violence but what do I know I am a humble educator of an unpopular subject (one which requires basic thinking skills and open mind) surrounded either by increasingly pregnant colleagues or mumbling murmuring ones unhappy about being told off by TWH and SLT who are, in turn, still worried about a snap SEAL style OFSTEDing caused by attendance figures that have been bent to an extent that would make an Italian accountant blush in profound embarrassment.

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