Thursday, 19 May 2011

Strike ballot

Agree or disagree with it just bloody well vote. Most of the unions are up for it apart from the NASUWT who knows what they are thinking? Even the heads are up for protecting the pension or deferred salary which is another way of looking at the paltry sums squirrelled away for the exciting looking gardening and Saga years. Some of the meetings I have attended  present eyebrow-raising stats and give the lie to the we are all in it together bollocks filched from High School Musical by the olegenious creep Cameron. They have made the odd u-turn so another is possible. That said whinging teacher bashing is always popular and, if my BSFed micro-staff room is anything to go by, most of my colleagues are very apolitical and actually believes the nauseating narrative of nonsense spouted by Davey boy and his whimpering fag Nick (sit Nick, beg Nick, cry Nick, bend over Nick, self-destruct in a puff of pointlessness Nick) and of course the wailing press with its own partial agenda.

The National Audit Office says the teacher's pension is affordable, it is in fact when which contributes rather than drains the public purse so any arguments claiming we need to cut back are spurious. I can think of many other ways of saving cash...hey, anyone need a consultant?

Still 90% of us are in a union, 40% is the next most unionised. Thatch didn't bend us to her will but the new academies with their own employment terms and conditions might well do. Nationally agreed rates will be undermined by unaccountable heads. It is thoroughly within the realms of feasibility that a condition of employment will include not being a member of a union. It is completely logical in the brains of these right wing nut jobs.

So pay attention, don't be cowed and remember working together and  being in a union does have its advantages so get your vote out.

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