Saturday, 21 May 2011


...and that was that.

The malfunctioning Wise Head made an announcement over the malfucntioning tannoy just after lunch for the malfunctioning Year 11s to gather outside and well, bugger off. That was that. Five years of alleged education marked by a brief announcement and the Year 11s told not to return apart from exams.

Cynical minds immediately thought that it had nothing to do with the  private study they wouldn't do and everything to do with the absenteeism of the Year 11s having a poor impact on the stats that Ofsted so like...and as an Outstanding Academy that would never do so losses were cut. Probably.

So, various shocked 11s meanedered around the Academy (as it must be called) all afternoon huggingly loving one another, screaming OMG and saying sheepish good-byes to fellow colleagues who pretended that they would be missed.

Sadly but inevitably I got into old git mood and remembered the times past when the kids would, at the very least, get thier Asda shirts signed or have some kind of formal leaving. Failing that they would get to lob flour and eggs around the place and trash classrooms,  generally they would have something to remember. This, the first year of the academy was crap. Sure it may not be so important but yet again I think we failed our kids.

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