Friday, 31 August 2012

Burned and Frazzled: an update

Update 31/08/12

Had a quick exchange of email tennis with Dave (see previous posting), he's better but not coming back just yet while considering his few choices. Fortunately, he has an understanding GP. Stacking shelves at Tesco seems a more worthy option for him than dealing with scrotes but more importantly teaching to numbers and marking in green. Very important that. Trouble is I think he is serious about the supermarket option and will have a fight with all those unemployed graduates and pissed off NQTS, to get one.

Interestingly, and unsurprisingly, get well cards which were written by some of the kids, especially his form group and given to the Northern Nazi to pass on were never received. Neither was anything received from the collection made from the staff in his mini-community, nor the caring sharing Wise Head via the do-it-all PA.

Not a person, just a resource.

Teaching - a caring profession? It still is I am sure in some areas, with decent managers who allow expression of individuality and personality, who are not constrained by bloody Ofsted, getting into the local press (which is just ads for houses, cars and dating anyway) or fearful of it.

Glad I'm gone and off somewhere way better....