Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Where's all the fun gone?

Well, the term is nearly done, it needs to arrive in a warm and friendly, liberating way for it has been a bit of joyless Stalingrad of a term. It will come as relief not so much from the  largely pointless Year 9 classes and to be chemically coshed kids from Year 8 whose specialty is hitting each other and making senseless noises. That's been almost enjoyable. No, there has been little relief from the plethora of edicts and diktats from the new HoD who has  brought a siege mentality with her from a failing school in Darford. One minute all pally and flirty, next minute an email, copied to some SLT drone, lands with a thud of foreboding. The biggest one was the one demanding lesson plans for each and every lesson - Union says no, as does Ofsted. Colleagues reckon the Stasi will of course back up the HoD, now known as Rosa Kleb, as we suspect that she is only obeying orders following the recentish inspection in which SLT crapped themselves mightily. Lots of other little annoyances too which have taken away from the occasional pleasure I did get from coming to work. Balancing work and home is increasingly difficult, it never used to be. At present stacking shelves on the night shift at Tesco seems more pleasurable than working for the Joyless Division.

Head of learning - one of us or one of them?