Saturday, 19 November 2011

Children in Need

Call me curmudgeonly if you will go on, but Children in Need and bloody Pudsey bear is so annoying. Yes, we all get to go to school in civilian clothes which provides a much more relaxing atmosphere. The kids all cough up a pound, we all buy some ghastly home made cakes, and some staff do silly things to raise money. All good. I also imagine that some of the kids who (have to) chuck in a pound may probably be benefiting in some way from the worthy deeds. Yes, like Poppy day, (or is it month now?) we all get to feel good about our generosity because it is the right thing. Undoubtedly.

What we, and the self-satisfied slebs doing their bit for an unquestionably good cause, are not doing is asking why we still tolerate children being in need in one of the world's richest nations.