Monday, 17 September 2012

Three Mobile's can't do culture

Now, it's not often I need to moan, mither, whine and foam... well, actually I do, but have tried to keep things limited  to the sunny world of education. However, while everyone was loving up in a warm self-congratulatory way over the summer, I sloped away while no one was looking from smiley, happy, England. Yep, I am contentedly plying my trade overseas once again avoiding, among other things, the worst of slimebag Gove down to the idiot Northern Nazi fool of a HoD and the obligation to mark in green lest we hurt some over sensitive mummy's darling's feelings.

Anyway the last left-over moan from home is that about bloody mobiles. It was a world into which I was relatively late entering. My needs were always simple text, and being a bloke minimal speech so I was happy to be a humble 2G pay as you go drone.  It worked perfectly well while on my previous stretches abroad not least as there was usually only one company and one easily digestible tariff. How lovely. On return a few years back the horrors of competitive capitalism and leaps of technology dragged me blinkingly and happily into 3G world. I discovered a whole new world of things I didn't know I needed or wanted but the clincher is that  it ended up being cheaper than PAYG, so the brave new 3G world was for me. Which company? Well, in a haphazard unthought  through way I ended up with useless fucking Three Mobile. Why? A nice bloke in the shop sold me a contract I wasn't really looking for while idling away some time waiting for a friend. I also naively thought it would be good to break away from the iron embrace of bloody Tesco.

However, most terribly dumbly I hadn't read a simple review about the crap company I was signing up with. Sure, many review sites just post moans and whinges but at least you get an idea of what you might be letting yourself in for and would know to avoid useless Three Mobile as it should be rebranded. Now, the service, coverage has been fine, no problems had so long as you stick within your limits there is no way to get stiffed. How can anyone go through 5,000 texts in a month? However, the customer service has been unbearably crap. It is now more than a month that I have been trying to secure a code to unlock the phone so that I can use it over here in the Gulf. I will spare the details suffice to say that call centre culture, or Three's anyway, does not lend itself to initiative and is a prime example of a can't do culture. Phone calls from the UK, multi-emails going over the same thing from here and no-one taking on any responsibility to deal with it. Part of it is corporate culture, I suspect much of it is down to the use of  outsourced cheapo initiative free call centre culture that the useless, money sniffing crooks in Three Towers use.

The terrible and angst inducing moral of this story is that I should have stayed shackled to those corporate good citizens at bloody Tesco.

Update: July 2013

Thinking I would never have to deal with the incompetent  scammers again, I am now receiving mail saying I owe them for a contract that is long terminated - how fucking useless can you be Three Mobile ?