Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Social fascist: Part 76

 ...and the wiser heads than mine are wisely reincorporating one of our fine and wonderful school refusers who was farmed out to a unit for such school ruiners last year...and now they are trying to cattle prod him back in. Inclusion. What a great idea. We have also taken a brace of septic sisters that the neighbouring county cannot handle. TWH will doubtless be receiving a wheelbarrow of used fivers for the Outstanding Academy. Yes, the more I think of it the more at ease I am becoming with my inner Daily Mail. I have accepted that social fascism is an inevitable part of the ageing teacher process and I am now quite comfortable spouting off all sorts of nonsense that I would have caused me poured caustic soda down my throat all those years back when I started out.

The various feral arseholes who are allowed to mess up the education of others with little consequence of value need to be educated in separate units to concentrate on getting basic skills like well basic communication such as speaking rather than grunting, swearing and shouting. Should it really be all that amazing that our new intake of Poles are generally more articulate than our own little Chavlets? Sure, other schools do such things but for reasons beyond most of the staff TWH seems reluctant to go down that road. Little wonder that many longer stay colleagues are bailing out this year. A sense of losing the dressing room is building up...

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