Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Conjecture, deadwood and apathy

TWH displaying superhero powers
Now as Ofsted has cited Chavmouth Academy is a happy, smiley,  outstanding place to be with lots of happy, smiley outstanding teachers a critical mass of whom are discontentedly muttering plots to leave. If the hot air is not standard oft heard whinging teacher tripe, there is soon to be a worrying dearth of experienced middle rank teachers who just want to get out as TWH continues to develop such superhero leadership skills of distance and invisibility. Inevitably this has lead to much conjecture as to what he intends to do with his new found powers as one of Gove's Academy leaders. Being teachers none of the conjecture is positive. That would take the fun out it.

So TWH has  left  the boring mundane matters of running an outstanding academy to the over-promoted lieutenants a number of whom are younger, less competent and experienced than me...not that I am pushing for a promotion mind. That said they are all overseen by TWH's eyes and ears - the fearsome office manageress known,  by those longer in the tooth, somewhat unfairly as Hattie Jacques. A summons from Hattie is never welcome. No, I am happy (if as seems likely that I have to stay here) to work my passage to rise to exhalted ranks of the old git deadwood in their comfy cardigans or  ill-fitting catalogue dresses, who seem quite serene in the micro-staffroom doing the crossword and contemplating their Saga holiday brochures over a nice cup of Ovaltine and a digestive.

...and it is the near dead among us  who cannot believe the apathy of the youngsters regarding the raping of pensions by the ideogue sons of Thatcher with their inherited millions who will never need one. They cannot believe the lack of anger, fight or cojones in them. About 20 turned up for a joint union meeting at the school (there are about 100 staff) and only two others turned up at the district meeting. Unless I am mistaken, it seems the narrative of nonsense spread by Dave, Gideon and the press that it's all Labour's fault....and we are all in it together has been swallowed by those more likely to vote in talent shows and read gossip mags than be concerned about the massive fucking over (as they say in academe) that we are receiving. That's it - my apolitical, apathetic younger Facebooking, XFactor voting, celeb watching colleagues all of whom are in a Union and can't be bothered to vote for what's good for them. Ah well, how British...sorry how English.

You get what you deserve in the end I suppose.

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