Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bin Laden

My Yr 11 boys were most excitedly lumbering around tumescently rubbing their thighs and  scratching themselves as they recounted in steamy excitement the execution of the snaggle tooth, gimlet eyed, hook-handed bearded Muslamic Bad Guy as it was  jus like Black Ops level 8 innit which they were playing to 5.00am a week before their meaningless exams which provide a leg up to their meaningless drug taking, unemployable, incessently irrevocably reproductive futures. So rather than try to explain the last two year's work that they hadn't done, the scrotati and I discussed the meaning of shades of grey while the slapperati sent illiterate texts to their equally bored friends in other classes and updated their very important Facebook status whilst discussing the names they intend  to inflict upon their as yet unborn spawn. Suffice to say Osama wasn't among the names. Too many syllables.

Yes, English education at the cutting edge...I love it.

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