Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Uptight and English

Uniform – another perpetual whinge but the enlightened former wise head (EFWH) did the right thing by allowing a summer uniform. No ties or top buttons to get excited about and a generally more relaxed atmosphere around the place as more time can be spent attempting to teach rather than getting the buggers to do their top buttons or tuck in their shirts. As I remember uniform check wasn't part of the  PGCE and just causes friction. Many teachers are more laissez-faire about it while other are not thus creating inconsistensies and giving TWH something else to send edicts down on. A load of old cojones in my opinion - the French, Germans and Yanks get by without uniform and do not appear to have done to badly without one...and what is it about schools with or without rubbish inbred semi-criminal intake that makes heads froth about ‘pride in uniform?’ Girls in ties? Now outside of dubious mags and websites for the one-handed the insistence on such a requirement seems all very uptight English and slightly weird...or maybe that’s just me.

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