Saturday, 12 February 2011


I haven't been able to write for some time, Twitter doesn't really count, but the Very Big News is that we became an Academy a few months back.

The Wise Head beamed at briefing after Xmas that, in respectful tones, the Arch Arse Michael Gove has deigned to throw Chavmouth off the books and allow us to go Academy. It had been mooted for some time since the arrival of the Bullingdon Boys. TWH said there would be no changes to anything - thought bubbles appeared among our unimpressed heads asking what the point of changing status then was. Sceptical chins rubbed all round. It’s a power trip and makes the only school in Chavmouth now the only school in Chavmouth that can use the word Academy. As the only secondary school in Chavmouth it makes no difference either than getting a nice new sign to deface.There is rumour that there will be a new mission statement  Fuck around and Carry On for consequences for acting the nob, being aggressive, rude and dangerous are minimal and a critical mass of scrotes respect or fear nothing. Why should they be when even the Year 8s walk past TWH or his acolytes in senior management ignoring demands to sort out their uniforms or pick up litter they have dropped. Unless becoming an Academy allows TWH the power to exclude or summarily castrate there seems little point beyond a fat ego trip and two minutes on the local news.


  1. What is the impact of teaching in an academy? I am currently looking for a promotion and there seem to be lots of available jobs in academies with improved pay but I have been warned to never take a job in an academy but have never been told why...

  2. Not too much as yet - lots of suspicion about TWH's intentions. Having, in theory, more money was the selling point as well as more control away from the LEA. However, the staff, parents and kids have all been told that nothing will change so why change status if nothing will change?

    That said it has been fun spreading rumours to our bright kids about how TWH is going to change the uniform, extend the school day, have Saturday school and impose a blocking signal for mobile phones.


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