Saturday, 12 February 2011

Bloody Facebook

What a great thing Facebook is - its use has helped overthrow the corrupt, nasty, western aided and abetted Arab despots. It allows people to stay in contact and allows scum to continue their foul vendettas and after school. Typical of the intake at our er...outstanding school are the Year 9 harridans (Kaylee, Chelcee, Beyonce, Chlamydia, Peach et al) who have taken a small but bitchy insult  yer a fat minger directed to one of their fellows, Slappella, who is both fat and a minger, and gone global with it threatening all sorts of justice that your average Taliban ragheadbanger might find extreme. The girls from the large slapper community across the school are all fully involved and ready to take up sharpened nails and broken bottles - they sit through my classes texting and Facebooking one another. 
You try stopping a pack of 16 year olds on with the prospect of violence on their hands. 

The barb thrower has been kept off school for fear of violence (likely) and Plod has been brought in thus wasting more time...Outstanding.

(Up date: May 2011 - the barb thrower did not return)

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