Saturday, 12 February 2011


Well, there’s hope for the future, there always is, there has to be or we should all give up. Now The bright shining future in which we invest all our hope must be resident in The Kids, the little ones that we love, adore, nurture and sacrifice so much. Inspired by such dreams and hopes, one of our former young proto-criminals at the social cesspit that is Chavmouth High has breached his Asbo, met a species of Chavmouth girl, a toilet mouthed six-fingered cousin...probably,  and spilt his toxic seed into her, a being spawned thus providing us with a future inmate and more guaranteed employment for social workers.

Of course every child matters but this shit-for-brains 16 year old, refusing school before he could be excluded it, with a long petty criminal and drug record has now joined DNA with one of Chavmouth’s 14 year old finest slappers, it is scrawled on Facebook, and they have the scrote they wanted - yes, it has initials for names and the 30 year old doing mother impersonations is now a grandmother. Success, aspiration and inspiration indeed.

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