Saturday, 25 September 2010

Big Brother etc

Now, when new technology was invented way back in the booming 90s we young greenhorn teachers looked on in shock and awe at the mighty inventions from the His Geeky Gatesness. How we marvelled at Windows and all the things it could do, well sort of do, well could possibly do after a bit of cursing and swearing and the invoking of the loveable techie. In those happy halcyon innocent days when Powerpoint was not a blunt instrument of torture, the techie was a helpful hermit, living in a darkened room with glowing screens, humming fans, surrounded by the innards of various malfunctioning 'puters. 

He could be found bald-domed and bepony-tailed, in a faded 1970s Jethro Tull t-shirt downloading the latest instalments of US sci-fi thingies that would never be shown in the UK.  He, for the techie trolls were always male, would be on hand to fix your home computer for a bottle of scrumpy, burn a few obscure discs, or load on some pirated software. They would also be your very best friend if you could talk about Lord of the Rings - preferably in Klingon. Happy days indeed.

Times change and our BSFed school now has outsourced characterless corporate bods who can barely shave, in their corporate branded clothing who work for The Company rather than the school. Relationships are boringly businesslike and anything they cannot solve involve phone calls to Base. There are now contracts we have to sign treating us as potential gambling pornographers who spend all their time on suspect Facebook groups and Ebay to exchange bad DVDs...well, perhaps some of us are...but are professional enough not to do so in school time especially on the filtered school network which the school and the Company make clear they might occasionally snoop and lurk on. I presume there is someone who reads data from time to time which really must make the point of their existence rather questionable... and should there ibeanything one-handed that folk are so desperate to see in school time they can always go on their iAppleBerrypad. So why the need to control and l cyberloiter like some freak of a cyberstasi?

To me, the way the tech is administered and managed by a for profit company with the connivance of Nanny, has created an atmosphere of suspicion that is unprofessional, it isn't friendly and makes me feel a suspect without having done anything...opps, forgot  as we know from the tabloids that has become the saddo English way.

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