Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Devil Rides Out

Now onto the Pope. His Arseholiness the pope is doing what those dangerous, harmful, bigoted reactionary fools do best – pontificating of course. What else would one expect from such a creature? Full-scale humble apologies for not helping to restrict the spread of AIDS? Apologies for sheltering catholic kiddy fiddlers? Naaah. An aged virgin telling the world how to behave is just wrong. Badly warpedly wrong. What is worse is the grovelling and respect paid to him by supposedly thinking people at the tax payers’ expense. It’s not the money though, I don’t know what my personal contribution will be – 10p perhaps but that as well as chucking a few zlotys to Queen Brenda and her inbred troop is money badly, wrongly spent. But what do I know I haven’t lived here for years and film of the last papal visit in the 1980s makes me think that the foolish Catholic cult has lost some grip here and that many Brits have grown up, lost some deference to dunderheads in frocks and couldn’t give much of a toss about mystic apologists for stupidity. So, I take the reactionary old bigot’s attack on atheism and secularism as a compliment.

Aggressive Atheists he droned and mithered on about – me perhaps? I haven’t had a fight since I was 13 – I don’t argue much and, since having children foisted upon me, I have never shouted at somebody else’s foul spawn…not least because shouting isn’t enough for some of them so many of whom come from backgrounds where violence, shouting  are the norm and my pathetic rants would be sniggered at. Regardless, my readings of history have found no instances of atheist gangs rounding up minorities for alleged heresies, murdering non non-believers in their millions, thousands, or even tens. Religion – all of it  - is foolish at best, dangerous and too commonly fatal at worst. There should be a warning label attached, it should be kept within the confines of consenting adults and far, far away from children. Of course there are some examples of things positive happening from religion but invoking a Bronze Age deity of whichever stripe is irrelevant to the deed. 

All of which I most certainly didn’t say to the suitably witch like Head of Superstition who was gusset wettingly squawking away about the old fool’s visit in the staff room this week. 

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