Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Uniform part 94

Now - school uniform eh, What a load of cojones as they don't say? Well, I think so. I am there with da kydzz on this one. The whole uniform things is dealt with with no imagination down our way and doubtless it is the same elsewhere. The Wise Head continues to insist that having the top button done up with a straight tie and tucked in shirt will lead to improved grades via better behaviour.

We have a new policy for behaviour which looks not too far removed from the last one. It has an extra layer in before the ever so scary Senior Management get called out with the shepherds crook and tazer. It is all well-intentioned but fails to take into account that the majority of kids from the Grimmouth demographic have little pride in much that could be considered aspirational let alone their 'school community.' I suspect that they have as much price as the dynamic and inspiring SLT did when they were 13.  Having some imagination regarding uniform, perhaps including talking to the children about it, might make reduce confrontation and perhaps have an impact on increase learning  rather than leaving staff to impose inconsistently of course, yet another discipline initiative which will be left to flounder when the latest short stay deputy heads off elsewhere...and why are they so insistent that girls wear ties? Weird. As ever no clear answer on this.

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  1. I have to say, I have also always wondered why the insist girls wear ties... It is indeed very weird.


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