Monday, 5 September 2011

Mithering musings

What a weird start to the day. Hearing the news that the war criminal Blair became godfather to some spawn of Murdoch at a ceremony on the river Jordan. What terrible images came to mind of these foul people playing religion the devil's own spawn. Yes, the evangelical nutter Tony with his Messiah complex would of course be the right person to use. Godfather Rupe asking his former plaything, the er... Middle East peace envoy to be godfather to his offspring. I think irony must be trying to get out somewhere.

Then I found myself agreeing with the ex-politician Nick Clegg which made me feel a little uncomfortably itchy and grubby. Still, it was nothing too complex as the political failure was simply stating the obvious that parents ought to be a little more involved in their well thought through sires education and not leave it all to the teachers.

And then there was the news that of the new ‘Free’ schools nine are open to various sectarian groups cleaving to belief systems honed by goat and camel herds some a millennia or two back. Not the best way to raise children.  It did though get me thinking how short the shrift would be were I to try to set up a school based on say the teachings of Marx...and rightly so.

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