Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Mithering musings part 2

Restorative Justice - recently, we had a two part Insect Day on that delivered by a brace of RJ evangelists. Just what you want as twilight sessions towards the end of term. Loved the theory but cannot imagine much in the way of it being effective for our putative jail fodder. There were also grumblings and frownings among some of us old lurking deadwood that having staff go through it with some of our charmless unlovelies would undermine any effective dealings we have with some of them.

Perhaps those bastions of hero worship John Terry and Luis Suarez could undergo some RJ with their nasty little racist outbursts. Foul as many of our kids are, they are hot on their anti-racism so long that is  you are not ginger which seems to be the only thing the mythical PC brigade have failed to tackle.

Horrid headline from the Independent yesterday purportedly stating that the pursed lipped fool Gove is set to make MFL compulsory to 16. There really is no point to it unless MFL is taught properly from say age 7 and that some profound cultural shift occurs beyond the middle classes who are the only people who seem to see a need to study a language. The reality is that English in its  various forms is the default second language of the world, that is the experience of our kids who will just sit resentfully through lessons they will fail to achieve in as they see no value to languages (not even their own) and, given the demographic of our school, are simply not  academic enough to succeed. Here's an idea for little Michael - why not have a compulsory European Studies GCSE which will at least equip kids to understand a little more what is going on across the Channel and the UKs place within.

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