Saturday, 27 August 2011

Morphing into Mel


Forgot to post this in the urge to escape as quickly as possible...

Well the year ended in a pleasant world of sports as my form group won the interform cricket - it was the equivalent of a second string Bangladesh side whopping a good England side. My smokers caught the attention by effectively playing tip and run and only ran themselves out as their desperate need for a fuming gasper took hold by which time they had set up a massive insurmountable lead. They surprised themselves as much as me and were thoroughly deserving of a packet of haribos which they sold to the Year 7s to fund a fag.

A strangely uplifting end to a rotten dispiriting year in which teaching has been secondary to being a surrogate parent, providing boundaries and modelling vaguely human behaviour for feral kids - sorry I have slipped in a Melanie Phillips mode there but the ranting dribbling old bag may have a point. At last count there were four confirmed Year 10 pregnancies, one year nine and a rumoured Year 8. The phone calls home to useless parents, the rudeness of unbrought up kids not helped by working in an ineffectual and inconsistently applied behaviour policy. Senior management breathed a sweaty sigh that bloody Ofsted didn't turn up - truth told so did the rest of us as they had been seen scorching the county doubtless like the undead they will return.

To be continued...


  1. Ooooohhh.... Only one week left before the return of the new academic year.
    I am returning to a brand new sparkly Academy... apparently!

  2. Hi Miss T - I bet you can't wait. Sparkly new academies. If it's anything like mine it will have new shiny rooms, malfunctioning air-con, unfavoured departments left to turn into Tottenham style slums, a shortage of staff loos and a micro-staff room. The worst of it, well the PFI aspect, is that any tech hassles are now farmed out to Bangalore or somewhere. Northgate we love 'em.



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